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Mystery Mozzart Bet Jackpot Winners 2020 Who Never Showed Us Their Faces

Happy New Year to you our blog reader!!!

Have you placed a jackpot in the year 2020? Probably yes!! Mozzart Bet has being among the best betting companies offering the jackpot services. They offer Mozzart daily jackpot with 13 games that you need to predict all correctly to win 10 MILLION SHILLINGS ONLY. Least but not last, if you are very unlucky to predict all games incorrectly then you are lucky enough to win a mozzart bet jackpot bonus of 1,000ksh.

Mozzart jackpot bonus amount

Tony Shaban of Nakuru town had his day in July 2020 where everything turned around for good in a flick. On Wednesday, 29th July, Tony placed his Mozzart Bet Jackpot ticket as usual hoping to grab this weirdo sort of dream of becoming a millionaire. Tony Shaban predicted all games correct and surely the day had come and he was the new millionaire in town – he bagged 10 Million shillings.

A week earlier, 24th July 2020, another lucky guy had bagged his own 10 million shillings. A mystery man only identified as Erastus had won the mozzart daily jackpot. As you all remember, 2020 was one hell of a ride for most of us if not you too.

Both Erastus and Tony requested to stay anonymus courtesy of the ómbaomba’ analogy that would befall them thereafter. Mozzart Bet Kenya Limited hence headed for their request and didnot expose their faces to the public.

What makes Mozzart Bet special? Here is is what they had to say…

Erastus had his onw stance and he said that;

“I registered on Mozzart bet a long time ago but I have not been active. I started playing again when COVID-19 restrictions started. I received an SMS from Mozzart that every Monday, Mozzart will be giving out a HAPPY MONDAY BONUS to all active customers during the Corona period just to motivate them. Believe it or not, from the Ksh 300 bonus I received on Monday that week, it is the last 50 Bob that made me a millionaire.”

Erastus, Mozzart Bet Jackpot Winners 2020
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Tony Shaban also had his say;

“I have been playing on Mozzart Bet since 2018. What attracted me most was their Jackpot bonuses, at Mozzart even if I lose all 13 games I still get a Ksh 1,000 bonus for zero correct predictions just as a way of motivation. No other betting company has such an offer.” Mr. Shaban said.

Tony Shaban, Mozzart Bet Jackpot Winners 2020

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